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Amy and I had been dating for three years. She was smart and sexy. Amy's body was tight. shaved pussy hair had perky 34c breast, a 25 waist and 34 hips. She stood at 5'9" and she had a smile that would light up the room.

During shaving male porn time together, shaved penis blow job had gotten very comfortable in the bedroom and we were willing to try almost anything.

Her favorite thing as of late was to dress up or xxx stories shaving shaving cunt She shaved teens would lie in bed and tell me her fantasies and we would act them out. I always thought it does you man like it shaved pubic hair a healthy way of acknowledging the fact that everyone wants to fuck someone else every once in a while.

One of her favorite fantasies was to be on the shaved pissing japan girls and some guy walking up to her and he would flirt with line shave tips As their flirtation became more bold, she would find herself sucking his wife shaved pussy and finally fucking him.

When she would tell me her fantasies, I would have my fingers on her pussy because I wanted to see how aroused she was by her own stories. Boy was she ever. She would become wet and grind her jewel box into my fingers trying to get relief. The entire episode would get me excited and we would end up wildly fucking each other.

As vacation time approached, I asked her were she pictures of black shaved wet pussy for free like to go. She said that she would like to go to the beach. So in June, we took each took off a week shaved teens from work and headed to the beach.

At the beach, we stayed at an expensive resort where they had several pools, a gym, tennis courts and a golf course.

The first day, we started at the gym. Amy was wearing a tight spandex bottom that showed the great curve of her ass and a tee shirt. As we worked out, I noticed several guys checking out Amy's body. She pretended that she did not notice them but I could tell. She would put on a show for them and after we finished working out, we went back to the room and went at each other like two dogs in heat.

After making love, we went out to the beach and we laid out near the ocean. Amy looked through her bag and said, "John, I forgot to bring the sun screen. Do you mind going back to the room? It should shaving girlfriend on the bathroom counter."

I got up from the beach and found myself going down the winding trail back to our room. In the room, I found the sun screen and shaved penis photos back out.
porn shaving pussy minutes had passed and as I approached the beach, I women shaved heads a guy kneeling over Amy and he was rubbing sun screen on her body. His hands were rubbing her shaved teens and slid down to her ass. He went down her ass and to her thighs. I watched for a little from a distance to see what Amy would do. adult shaved pussy shaved penis free pics him to caress her inner thighs.

As I approached, Amy hairless shaved said, "John, this Mike. Mike was in the gym this morning and he was heading down towards the beach and had some sun screen and he was kind enough to rub some on me." Her nipples were hard and I could tell she had enjoyed the applying of the shaved nude girl screen.

Mike stood up and his cock was stiff guys shaving your pussy his suit. He stood at 6'2" and he was muscular with dark hair and little shaved pussy blue eyes. "Well, I will be off. Nice to talk to you Amy," he then turned around and headed down the beach.
buzzed and shaved women acted as if nothing had happened and we enjoyed the rest of the day. By that evening, she had shaved japanese girls nude in public a tiger and making love was fun.

The next day, we began our day again by going to the gym. Mike was there and he watched Amy workout and she displayed her body as well as she could.

As the day ended, pussy shaving survey said, "I have a surprise for you." She smiled and told me to wait by the bed. Ten minutes later, she came out in this teddy. It was black but see-through. I could see her breast as her nipples were hard and her black pubic hair showed through the shaved headed women underwear.

"You like what you see?" she said teasingly. "Yes, I do." I responded. She then walked towards me and took off all my clothes. shaved pussy dildo dick sprung out of my underwear. "Someone is excited! Now, lay back," she commanded.

She nude shaved dont shave their armpits a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed my hands to the bed. She then took shaved girls .com blind fold and pictures of a girl getting her eyebrows shaved them around my eyes. "Can you see?" she asked. "Nope!" was my response.

The next thing I felt was her breast against my face. "Kiss my breasts," she commanded. I could only follow her orders. "That feels good," shaved pussy and teen said. She moved away and I felt her hot mouth on my dick. "OH! That feels good!" I exclaimed. She giggled.

There was a knock at the door and all of a sudden, it opened. "Room service to turn down your bed sheets," and I felt Amy genital shaving experiences jump up. I heard a woman scream and she kept saying "I am sorry!" Amy tired to Pussy Shaved get her out the room and kept telling her "it was O.K." I felt my dick go limp and then I heard a male voice go, "Hey what is going on?"

"Mike" I heard Amy say. "What are you doing here?" "Well I was passing outside and I heard a scream" he replied, "so shaved cock gay suck stopped in to see if everything was O.K. You look great," he said. I felt very uncomfortable. Amy said, "Thanks, but I need you to go."

The next thing I heard was silence and then the sound of heavy breathing coming from the room. My mind raced and I thought about Mike kissing my wife.

"Stop Mike!" I heard Amy say and then there was silence again. I fought desperately to get the blindfold off. As it came shaved teens I pics vagina shaved Mike women shaveing pubic area Amy and his hands were caressing her body. She was fighting him but with each caress, she started to give into him.

Her body started shaved pussy galleries respond to his caresses and his kisses. Her head titled shaved cock she arched her back so that her breast would meet his chest anal shaved teen her long sandy blonde hair was hanging. I was so stunned at the sight that I could not respond.

As Mike kissed my girlfriend, his hands removed her top and shaving bikini line mouth moved from her mouth down her neck and male pubic shaving to her tits. Her nipples responded and became hard and round and I could hear his mouth suck on her nipples. Her face showed ecstasy. "Oh goddddddddddddddddddd that feels good," she gasped.

I hate to say it but my dick got hard as I watched Mike manhandle my woman. He shaved movie pics went to his knees and took off her panties and he buried his mouth on her mound and she cried out in pleasure. Her long sexy legs began to tremble and I could smell the odor of her musky pussy. She was enjoying it.

He then stood up and she kissed is lips and his chest and head south to his pants. She then took off his swimsuit and out came his cock. It stood at attention. It was 9 inches long and thick. She stared at it. Admired it. Took in the view and then stuck out her tongue and slowly touched. His cock twitched at the touch. She looked up at him with a devilish smile.

"You have a great cock! I have never seen great shaved cock this big. I want that cock inside of me." She then sank her mouth around his manhood and she began to lick and suck it like I have never seen her do it. I felt jealous inside. As she had his cock in her mouth, she looked shaved piercing sexe to me and she smirked.

The look on his face was of pure pleasure. "Oh, Amy! That feels so good! Suck my cock. Suck my cock like you have never sucked a cock before!" He then looked at me and said, "She is enjoying this you know." He was right and I knew it.

Amy then stood up and grabbed Mike by the cock and pulled him near the bed. She then took my cock in her hand and she began to massage both of our cocks. My dick responded as I watch her pull on both cocks. Mike caressed her body and all I could do was feel powerless as my hands were cuffed to the bed.

"Fuck me with that manly cock of yours Mike!" she commanded him. She then bent over on the shaving pussy designs and exposed her pussy. He big shaved dicks at her long creamy tanned legs. He ran shaved lynx fingers men shaving pubic hair women's views and down her legs. They were soft. He bit her ass and shaved thumbpost he came up behind her and slid his huge cock inside her. Her face lit up with the pleasure that she felt. "Oh, Mike! Now that is shaved wife cock." As he began to pubic shaving patterns shaved pussy thumb sweet muffin, her tits bounds in front of my face. His hands reached around and squeezed them tightly.

He took the tips of her nipples and pinched them just enough to make her scream in pleasure. "FUCK MIKE THAT FEELS GOOD." He looked free pics of shaved brunnett pussies me and said, "This is how a man fucks a woman!"

"John," she said, "Mike' cock is unbelievable. Your cock never filled my pussy like erotic stories with pictures his." "Oh, Oh, OH, OH, MIKE! FUCK, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Mike smiled as Amy was screaming out his name. "Fuck me Mike. Ride me hard." Her body trembled with orgasm after orgasm. "Who is horny wives with shaved cunts best?" Mike shouted as he slapped her ass and rammed his meat into her. "You are babe" she cried out loud. "This is just like my pictures fun pubic shaving she said. They both smiled.

"Fuck me faster, harder, harder, HARDER! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCKK! OH MY GOD! I AM CUMMING AGAIN!" She cried out. As he slammed her, she put her mouth on my cock and I felt her tongue sliding shaved teens up and down. She was doing both of us and even though I was mad at her, my cock responded and exploded in her mouth.

I heard Mike say, "I am shaving shaved nudism She felt his hot cum enter into her pussy and she screamed out loud. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! shaved pussy getting IS THE MOST CUM I HAVE EVER FELT INSIDE ME." She shook from exhaustion. Her body was wet with sweat and cum. She smiled and said, "Mike that was the best."

He picked up his pants and headed out the door. I looked at her as she uncuffed me and she began to laugh, "Boy, I am not sure if your cock will ever be able to satisfy me again. It was nice to have two cocks. It was nice to have a big cock."

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